Cellvalidating not firing

If you like, I look at demand while the EIA looks at supply.) This is how they got their energy in 2012, according to the EIA: India has huge reserves of coal, but they are not good at getting it out of the ground, so they are the world’s third largest importer of coal, most of it coming from Indonesia.

India also imports a lot of oil, 42% of its annual consumption, most of it from the Saudis.

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Cancel = true (which would be awesome) is not available in this event.

According to PWC, their economy will grow from .375 trillion to .2 trillion by 2050.

Although China gets a lot of attention regarding energy, pollution and emissions, India is the linchpin country for sustainable energy futures.

)without a snippet there is what you have to do: # use Editing Control Showing event to get an editing control # add Key Down event to this control # use Key Down event to catch and handle keys (including ESC, and ENTER)Sorry for the lack of snippet... No this not works, you can use max rollout or form as main dialog where you can put all yours controls ei. So I was trying to elaborate a dirty workaround to keep the advantages of max rollouts without their downsides.

I saw your solution in another thread and tried it but it didn't catch Enter and Esc (others keys were well catched) , whether I set Accept Returns or not. But if you know an easy way to reproduce max rollout behavior with full dotnet objects and forms, it is even better!

Is there an easier way using the out-of-the-box Data Grid View Textbox or Data Grid View Textbox Editing Control members and methods ? Data Grid View Will the Datagrid View events be fired the right way, without the limitations of dotnet controls and max rollouts? The problem is, like denis described in the first posts, that some behaviors of dotnet controls are odd/buggy when they are used as dotnetcontrol directly in max rollouts.

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