Hardcastle pipe dating


The same adaptation is operated from Dunhill to Parker for pipes with less flaws. Patent number 116989/17 is the only one which may appear on a Parker pipe prior to 1954.Alfred dunhill white spot, Savinelli, Peterson of Dublin and falcon brands make great presents to any pipe smoker, or maybe you'd like to treat yourself.Dunhill pipes hand made in London, famously known today by The White Spot that Alfred Dunhill introduced in 1912.The hand-made, vulcanite stems were so perfect that clients often had trouble knowing which way to insert them into the shank, so Dunhill solved this problem by placing a mark, a white spot at the end of the stem to show which way was “up”.Although Dunhill was brilliant at marketing his products, he certainly did not think of this as a possible trademark.This Cavalier pipe belongs to a famous Dunhill model.It illustrates the downgrading of Dunhill pipes by a Hardcastel stamping.

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Recognizable by the classic “C” on the side of the stem a Comoys pipe is a lovely addition to a collection.

Comoy’s are well engineered and smoke very well with a comfortable hand feel for most every smoker.

Our selection includes great value pipes that would make ideal gifts for birthdays, Christmas, wedding, Valentines, anniversaries or just as a treat.

An excellent selection of wonderfully crafted items from the most prestige pipe makers.

Ideal for the pipe connoisseur as well as beginners and those just venturing in to the pipe smoking world.

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